The process to receive a cash advance on a pending lawsuit is very easy…

Step 1:  You complete and submit the Online Application.

Or call us at 1-877-815-5454 to apply by phone.

Or submit the Quick Contact Form and we’ll call you to complete the application.

Step 2:  We contact your attorney for additional information and copies of needed documents.

Step 3:  Once we receive the necessary details and documents from you and your attorney, we carefully evaluate the information and promptly advise you of our funding decision.

Step 4:  If your application is approved, we prepare a Purchase Agreement and deliver it to you and your attorney for signature.

Step 5:  When the signed agreement is returned to our office, we issue your funds to you, either by check or wire transfer.

The entire process can take as little as 24 hours, depending on how quickly the necessary documentation can be obtained.

Major Approval Factors:

Ability to Pay – The defendant must have the ability to pay damages through insurance or other means.

Background / Bankruptcy – The plaintiff must not have other legal proceedings that could affect the outcome of the current lawsuit. The Plaintiff cannot currently be in bankruptcy (Chapter 7 or 13).

Contingent Attorney Fees – The plaintiff’s attorney must be compensated from the proceeds of the legal action (lawsuit) rather than via a retainer or hourly fee.

Damages – The Plaintiff must have suffered serious injuries or other harm in the incident.

Liability – The defendant must be “at fault” and responsible for the incident resulting in the lawsuit.

Margin – There must be sufficient margin for investment to enable the advance to be fully repaid from the proceeds of the lawsuit after attorney’s fees, medical bills and other liens.

Minors – Cases involving a minor plaintiff (a child under the age of 18) are not eligible for funding.

  • NO Risk / NO Obligation Application
  • NO Pressure to Settle Your Case Early
  • NO Credit Check
  • NO Up-Front Fees
  • NO Employment Requirement
  • NO Payment Until Your Case Settles
  • NO Payment If You Lose Your Case
  • NO Involvement With Case Management
  • Fast and Easy Application & Approval
  • Highly Competitive and Simple Pricing
  • Ultra-Convenient Electronic Signing
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