Lifeline Legal Funding LLC is headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida. We use decades of financial and legal experience to provide what we believe to be the most ethical, professional and compassionate legal funding services available.

We offer both pre-settlement and post-settlement non-recourse funding to help with living expenses while our clients wait for their personal injury cases to settle. We understand, while each situation is unique, all of our potential clients are doing their best to survive substantial financial challenges. Our non-recourse lending products have helped many clients pursue their lawsuit longer, allowing them to achieve the best possible outcome.

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About Plaintiff Non-Recourse Legal Funding

Non-Recourse legal funding is not a loan but merely an advance against the future proceeds of your lawsuit. A client seeking an advance will notify their Attorney of the need to borrow against their future proceeds once all other means of borrowing has failed.

In order to approve an advance, Lifeline Legal Funding has underwriters who determine the value of a case based on information provided by the Plaintiff’s attorney. Underwriting requires documentation proving the Plaintiff has sustained serious injuries, damages or losses, the Defendant has verified insurance coverage with clearly defined liability, and that the Plaintiff has retained bona-fide legal counsel to prosecute or settle such claims. Examples of the materials that may be requested to underwrite these advances are the filed lawsuit or demand letter, accident reports, medical reports, expert reports, insurance information including company name and policy limits, the current state of litigation from the Attorney, and any other pertinent documentation required to approve the advance. Once all documentation has been verified and underwriting has granted an approval, Lifeline Legal Funding will then advance funds up to 10-15% of the estimated value of the pending lawsuit with a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $50,000 (Requests for more than $50,000 are considered on a case-by-case basis).

To ensure repayment of our advance, we will prepare a “Funding Agreement” which will be executed by both the Plaintiff and their Attorney. This agreement places an assignment and security lien on the future proceeds of the lawsuit that the Plaintiff’s Attorney will acknowledge and satisfy through settlement, trial, or any other means. Additionally, this agreement will define the repayment terms and conditions that the Plaintiff and Attorney agree to abide by. In most instances, once all the documentation has been properly executed, the advance can occur within 24 hours with the cooperation of all parties involved.

An advance by Lifeline Legal Funding is considered Non-Recourse, meaning if you lose your case, you owe Lifeline Legal Funding nothing. Additionally, there are no payments due while your case is in process. You are responsible for repaying your advance to Lifeline Legal Funding only when you receive a settlement or award in your case.

  • NO Risk / NO Obligation Application
  • NO Pressure to Settle Your Case Early
  • NO Credit Check
  • NO Up-Front Fees
  • NO Employment Requirement
  • NO Payment Until Your Case Settles
  • NO Payment If You Lose Your Case
  • NO Involvement With Case Management
  • Fast and Easy Application & Approval
  • Highly Competitive and Simple Pricing
  • Ultra-Convenient Electronic Signing
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