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Were you injured in an accident or other incident through no fault of your own?

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Have your injuries made it difficult or impossible for you to work?

Have you retained an attorney, but understand it may be months before your case settles or goes to trial?

Do you want to get the best settlement possible from your lawsuit, but bills are piling up and you need money now?

Do you know that you can get money before your case settles?

Would you like to get cash now and not worry about paying it back until your lawsuit settles in your favor?

If you are the plaintiff in a Florida personal injury or workers compensation lawsuit and are experiencing financial trauma in addition to the physical trauma of your injury, we can help by providing funds to you with a non-recourse lawsuit cash advance.

One of the key elements in getting the best outcome in your lawsuit is TIME - the time it takes your attorney to achieve the best results in your case even if it takes months or years. Our goal is to extend you a LIFELINE to help keep your finances above water while you wait for your case to settle.

If your case has already settled, our post-settlement lawsuit cash advance can accelerate your financial recovery while you wait to actually receive the award or settlement.

Lifeline Legal Funding LLC can provide a lawsuit cash advance in as little as 1 business day. We can advance funds for rent, mortgage payments, medical bills, car payments, and/or other living expenses. There is no payment to us until your case settles and since it is a non-recourse advance, if there is not a recovery in your case, the advance need not be repaid.

Ask your attorney if a lawsuit cash advance is a good option for you.  It has been for hundreds of thousands of injured plaintiffs in situations similar to yours.

Lifeline Legal Funding LLC provides legal funding services to individuals with pending or settled personal injury or workers compensation claims throughout all areas of the state of Florida.

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